Recruitment PT Multikarya Sarana Perkasa

23 Mei 2022

Multiple work locations
PT. MultiKarya Saranaperkasa – a national contractor company special at civil building, structure, mechanical, piping and electric installation familiar in Indonesia. We are known as a company with integrity, respectable, fair in business, quality, and responsible for satisfactory results. Beginning on December 12, 1994, PT Multikarya Saranaperkasa became known as one of the contracting companies committed to quality, schedule and customer.
PT. Multikarya Saranaperkasa is a company engaged in contracting - architech & engineering. The company initially moved only in construction warehouse then developed into several construction fields such as CIVIL BUILDING, STEEL STRUCTURE, TANKI, INSTALLATION INDUSTRIAL PIPE, INDUSTRIAL PLAN STRUCTURE.
Until now, a lot of work has been completed, such as, factory buildings, roads, docks, offices, Storage Tanks, Silos, Pressure Tanks, Silo Tanks, Industrial pipe installations, oil and gas pipes, including those that have been completed is the work of Plan Refi nery and Biodisel. With a number of portfolio companies have won the trust of customer of large companies both national and international.
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Job Description
1. Bertanggung jawab dalam membuat permit
2. Safety Induction
3. Membuat rencana kerja
4. Melakukan pemeriksaan pada peralatan kerja, tenaga kerja, kesehatan tenaga kerja serta lingkungan kerja
5. Meninjau keselamatan kerja dan pelatihan keselamatan
Minimal diploma 3 (D3)
Minimal pengalaman 1 tahun di bidang yang sama
Memiliki Sertifikat AK3U Kementrian (WAJIB)
Dapat segera bergabung secepatnya.
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